Boxiang Lu
Doctor of Management of Zhejiang University,he is hailed as the godfather of Zhejiang merchants
Xiaoping Fu 
Doctor of Fudan University,Parenting Education Expert
Our company was founded in 2003 in Hangzhou. In the first decade, our main busuness is the Indian arts & crafts. 
Due to the need of development, our workshop and warehouse moved to Shangyu in 2013. In the same year, we 
began to focus on kid's wisdom enlighten business, main items we push to the market now is high-end products of
 kids' teepee and playhouse for indoor use. 
Our vision is to help parents for their kids to enlighten the wisdom  when they are 0-7 years old.
Our team have 6 designers in Hangzhou headquarters and 4 sample makers in Shangyu factory. meanwhile we have 
2 overseas designers which one is from France and another is from USA.
There are over 80 workers in our Shangyu factory and 45 staffs in Hangzhou subsidiary.
The Legend of "Asweets"

"A" means no.1 important. It's parents"hope".
When parents call their babies, they always say "my sweets".

Brand Registered in EU No.014968564


China Toy & Juvenile Products Association member
Jiangsu Toy & Juvenile Products Association member
ZhejiangToy & Juvenile Products Association member
We believe what a kid experienced of wisdom during his/her 0-7 years old will affect his/her whole life. 0-7 years old is not the age to learn knowledge, more important is to enlighten the wisdom. To learn knowledge is the task after 7 years old. 
So our vision is to help parents for their kids to enlighten of wisdom when they are 0-7 years old.

Our products and service will focus
on the below 5 sections

1. Learning to be optimistic & creative
2. Learning solidarity & responsibility values
3. Learning what is lose and what is win 
4. Having better mood with enverionment
5. Learning to explore of the unknown world.